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SERIES Class pricing

Full Series / Drop In Prices

Taster                                $20

Intro to Pole                      $75* / $20

Level I                               $150* / $30

Level II & III                       $170* / $30

Level IV & V                      $190* / $35

Exotic Flow                       $125* / $35

Low Flow                          $125* / $35

Poleography                     $125* / $35

Combos (I & II)                 $125* / $35

*add 2 Open Studios to any series class for only $10!

Drop-In packages

Packages: 1 class/5 classes/10 classes

Flexibility                          $25/$100/$150

Freestyle & Flow              $25/$100/$150

Open Studio                    $10/$35/$50

Drop in packages are only good for the classes listed above and may not be used towards series classes.


Exotic Showcase Series              $190* + $35 performance fee

Poleography Showcase Series   $190* + $35 performance fee


CLASS descriptions


If you have never tried pole dancing before and are curious to experience it without committing to a series, this is the class for you! This fun one-hour class introduces a variety of basic pole dance movements including dance steps, poses and spins. You might even get to try climbing or sitting on the pole! This class provides a sampling of what our beginner pole classes have to offer.

prerequisite: none


This 4-week course introduces students brand new to pole to the fundamental movements of pole dance and pole fitness. Basic spins, dance steps, conditioning exercises, floorwork and beginning level tricks will be covered as you learn to dance around, with and away from the pole. Build body awareness, strength and stamina all while having fun in a playful environment. (ie: fireman, back hook, dip spin, strong hold fan, sit)

prerequisite: none


Level I is for students who have never poled before or for those who have completed an Intro to Pole series. Learn to spin, climb, dance around the pole and on the floor and execute basic poses at a comfortable height. You will begin inverting on the ground to prepare you for pole inversions in Level II. (ie: beginner spins, basic climb, sit, forearm headstand, teddy/strong hold straddle)

prerequisite: none


In Level II you will go upside down on the pole! Learn how to properly and safely invert on the pole before moving into your first inverted tricks and transitions. Intermediate level spins are introduced along with upright aerial poses and short floor combinations . (ie: basic inversion, handstands, inverted crucifix, anchor, pull-ups & laybacks/releases)

prerequisite: Level I or instructor permission (climb, forearm headstand, strong hold straddle)


Level III continues to build strength and body awareness by adding new aerial poses, tricks, and inverted postures to the dancers’ repertoire. Short aerial combinations and transitions are taught to help you learn how to transition from one move to the next fluidly, either upside down or right side up, on the floor or in the air. (ie: inside/outside leg hangs, shoulder dismount, hip hold, corkscrew spin, figure skater spin)

prerequisite: Level II or instructor permission (basic inversion, inverted crucifix, pull-ups and laybacks/releases)


Level IV polishes movements you already know while adding more difficult techniques, skills and transitions to your movement vocabulary. Learn multiple ways to enter and exit both new and familiar poses at various heights. Begin to rely more on your upper body to hold you in both upright and inverted postures while you utilize more of the pole. (ie: butterfly, brass monkey, shoulder mount, aerial invert, superman, apprentice)

prerequisite: Level III or instructor permission (shoulder dismount, pull-ups/laybacks, inside and outside leg hangs)


Level V poses and transitions often involve very few points of contact and you will begin executing inverted moves and transitions with only your hands contacting the pole. You will begin to develop the ability to go from upright to inverted (and vice versa) quickly and gracefully, with strength and control. An advanced level of strength and flexibility is required. (ie: handsprings, jade, allegra, aerial shoulder mount, chopsticks, flag)

prerequisite: Level IV or instructor permission (aerial invert, split grip, caterpillar climb)


Bring your heels and kneepads for this skills and choreography class inspired by the Russian Exotic and Plastic Strip styles of pole dance. Learn exotic fundamentals and a sexy sequence each week that will focus on floor to pole transitions, basework, floorwork, heel technique and exotic movement fundamentals. There's nothing quite like this style of dance to develop your sensual movement, strength, fluidity and control. Exotic (Beg) is for people new to heels and/or students wanting to work on basic Exotic movements (Intro - Level III). Exotic Flow (Int+) is for dancers with more flexibility and upper body strength who want to continue to hone their sensual skills and add strength and splits based moves into their repertoire (Level III and up). 7" heels and above a recommended for this class: kneepads are required. You may wear shorts but pants are easier to slide in.

prerequisite: completion of Level I or previous pole dance experience

EXOTIC SHOWCASE SERIES · 6 WEEKS/90 MIN · $190 + $35 performance fee (LEVEL I & ABOVE)

Join us onstage at the Paris Theater on May 19 in an exotic routine choreographed based on the abilities of the dancers in this small group piece (limit 4 students - register early!). 7+" heels required for performance.

prerequisite: prior Exotic Flow class completion or previous pole dance experience


Take your flow down low as you learn to work the floor and the bottom portion of the pole in this ground based series. The focus is on floor work movements, skills and transitions inspired by Marlo Fisken's Floor Flow® content and simple but elegant pole technique. Create interesting level changes, shapes, and movements around the pole and across the floor. Leave your shorts at home... lots of layers, knee pads, socks and/or heels are required for this slithery, sexy class!

prerequisite: completion of Level I or previous dance experience


Learn a choreographed routine in this floor-based pole dance class designed to provide you with a new physical vocabulary on and off the pole. Poleography combines multiple forms of dance such as hip-hop, ballet, and jazz with pole work so you can orbit around the pole with a new sense of flow and fierceness. Different spins, and styles of dance and floor work are used for each routine.

prerequisite: completion of Level I or previous pole dance experience

POLEOGRAPHY SHOWCASE SERIES · 6 WEEKS/90 MIN · $190 + $35 performance fee (LEVEL I & ABOVE)

Join us onstage at the Paris Theater on May 19 in a dance routine choreographed based on the abilities of the dancers in this small group piece (limit 4 students - register early!).

prerequisite: prior Poleography class completion or previous pole dance experience

COMBOS (I or II) · 4 WEEKS/90 MIN · $125 (LEVEL II & ABOVE)

Drawing from the moves you already know, discover how to creatively enter & exit poses and tricks and combine them together into long, fluid sequences. A workable command of foundational moves through Level II is required before enrolling in the Combos I class (invert, pull-ups/releases, spins), through Level IV for the Combos II class (aerial invert, anchor, inside/outside leg hang, shoulder mount/dismount).

prerequisite: Combos I - completion of Level II; Combos II - completion of Level IV; Combos III - completion of Level V or higher


Get out of your head and into your body as you cultivate your pole freestyle in this dynamic course designed to help you feel comfortable dancing without choreography or set sequences. An emphasis on musicality and body awareness will help you tap into your creative space to allow you to enter a state of flow. No prior dance experience necessary.

prerequisite: some pole and/or dance experience preferred but not required


Gain a greater range of motion while building strength in the primary joints so you can master more difficult pole and dance moves. Work your front and middle splits/oversplits in such a way that enables you to hold a split without the aid of gravity or an apparatus (floor or pole) and stretch your spine and shoulders to be able to gracefully move in and out of all of those beautiful back bendy moves. No experience necessary.

prerequisite: none


Use this open studio time to practice whatever you're working on. Open Studio time slots are supervised, but uninstructed so you can either do your own thing or take advantage of our instructors' expertise to help you figure out that trick or transition or for spotting your more adventurous moves. All levels welcome. First come, first served -- you may not reserve a spot in Open Studio.

prerequisite: none


INTERESTING TRANSITIONS & THREADS: Learn new ways into and out of new and old moves with creative transitions. We will also explore threading into and out of tricks that make combos more interesting. This workshop is best for intermediate to advanced students. Must be comfortable with inside and outside legs hangs and brass monkey hold. Or, enthusiasm and a willingness to try!

GOTTA SPLIT!: This workshop is for those polers who love splits tricks and/or want to expand their pole split vocabulary. The focus is all about learning split tricks! No worries if your splits are not completely flat, there are modifications that still give you a lovely shape! We will cover intermediate to advanced split tricks from a variety of holds. It’s best if students are proficient with climbing, outside leg hangs, and teddies. Or, enthusiasm and a willingness to try!

prerequisite: see individual descriptions

Why series?

We primarily offer series classes because in our many years of teaching and dance experience we have found that students are most likely to succeed in pole when they learn sequentially, systematically and develop a regular practice schedule. Pole is a highly specialized sport that requires consistency and methodology to safely train the body and to progress at a reasonable rate. 

We are also really into the community aspect of pole dance--it is one of the strongest, most supportive communities we've ever been a part of. Learning a new skill with the same people for a month or more builds camaraderie and a feeling of safety. Having the same teacher for multiple classes allows you to receive concise, methodical training from someone who has watched your progress and knows where you are in your training and what you need to work on. Finally, committing to a weekly practice allows you to develop the strength, pain tolerance, and mental fortitude necessary to progress in pole.

That being said, you are always welcome to drop in to any class that isn't full. We know how schedules are. You may purchase drop ins to any class here