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The AERO Space is the only pole dance studio in Oregon with two separate pole rooms and the only studio in Portland that offers members unlimited access to a fully-equipped practice space available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a nominal monthly fee. Our mission statement is "to foster empowerment through movement education" and to that end, we offer a wide variety of classes & trainings that are intelligent, informed and fun.

Our hand-picked group of elite instructors have over 20 years of pole specific teaching experience combined. Each one has been expertly trained in spotting and teaching methodology to offer the highest level of safe and professional instruction available in Portland. We work hard to create an atmosphere of positivity, open-mindedness, respectfulness, growth and fun and we aim to give you the freedom to express yourself however you want, whenever you want. 

We are located in industrial SE Portland under the Hawthorne Bridge in the Portland Cement Building at 111 SE Madison Street with parking available on the street or in our lot. We are open to members all day, every day and open to students during class times.

Learn more about our team below!


A native to the Hawaiian islands, Devon carries the spirit of her homeland with her everywhere she goes. Spreading the aloha and sharing her love for pole and dance, her passion for movement and a genuine desire to lead people towards their full potential is what drove her to the create The AERO Space in 2014. She is a Lewis & Clark College graduate with a degree in Music Composition and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2004. She has had extensive training in Anatomy & Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Structural Integration and Alignment Therapy and is fascinated by the incredible machine that is the human body. Devon began taking pole classes in 2011 and started teaching after receiving her XPERT Pole Fitness Teacher Certification with her movement mentor, Marlo Fisken, in 2012. She became a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher in 2015 and in 2016 completed elevatED's Flexibility Teacher Training and the first Floor Flow® Teacher Training, both with Marlo. As a co-owner and studio director, Devon is committed to ensuring that she and all of her hand picked team of instructors continue to offer the best instruction possible to everyone who chooses to train at The AERO Space. When she is not busy with studio business, you can often find Devon traveling to far off places, exploring nature and connecting with good people. 


Rachelle was introduced to pole dance in 2013 by a friend who knew she was looking for a fun way to stay in shape. Little did Rachelle know that shortly after her first class she would join the ranks of pole enthusiasts around the world who are drawn to pole for its unique blend of athleticism and grace, and the confidence that it builds. With no formal dance background, Rachelle relished the freedom of expression that pole dance provided and fell in love with the level of support and camaraderie that exists within the tightly knit pole dance community. The pole also provided this former gymnast, gymnastics instructor, and rock climber with a perfect outlet to challenge her body to move in unfamiliar ways and to tap into her softer, more fluid side. She secured a small practice space that she shared with a handful of other dancers-- including her former teacher, Devon--and out of that studio The Aero Space was born. When Rachelle isn't at the studio, she is working hard at her job as VP for a local software company. She has an affinity for numbers, operations and finance and is a master of spreadsheets.


 Pole Portraits at JR Studio NYC on August 29, 2015 in NYC. (Photo by Ray Tamarra)

Liz is a recent transplant to Portland. She grew up in Ohio and spent 12 years living and working in NYC. She discovered pole in 2011 and what started as a curiosity quickly became a lifestyle and passion. A graduate of Body & Pole's work-study program, she became an ElevatED certified pole instructor in 2013 and taught at Body & Pole until joining the AERO Space team in December 2016. She is a competitive pole dancer with various titles. She most recently earned pro-status at the USPDF Pro-Qualifer in Oct 2016 in NYC and competed in her new division at the USPDF US Pole Dance Championships in April 2017. 



Gemma grew up trying to emulate her older sister and took ballet, jazz and gymnastics, but it wasn't until adulthood that she would really appreciate dance. She started her pole journey in 2010 after a friend encouraged her to try a class: she was hooked and hasn't stopped dancing since. Gemma became an instructor in 2014 and is a graduate of the elevatED pole teacher training taught by Kyra Johannesen and is a graduate of Marlo Fisken's Flow Movement training.  She competed in the first ever Pacific Pole Competition in 2012 and was part of a group competition for Miss Pole Dance America in 2015, but has found that her true passion is in freestyle dance performance.  From exotic floor work to gravity defying tricks and elegant combos, Gemma's fun friendly and interactive style make her a favorite with students. When not pole dancing, Gemma likes to grow amazing fruits and vegetables in her garden, spend time with her family, and fly around on the lyra while also finishing up her degree in linguistics at Portland State University.


Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, Thaiese relocated to the Portland area in early 2015 from Tucson, Arizona. With a degree in Computer Science, Thaiese works as a systems analyst at a large tech company. Her first pole dancing experience was at a birthday party for a friend at a local pole studio and she found it both fun and challenging. She began taking classes in 2010 and soon discovered that pole people come in all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds. Not having experience in dance, gymnastics or any other type of fitness, Thaiese never expected to be able to hold her feet off the ground, let alone over her head. She credits her instructor and fellow students for inspiring her saying "Seeing someone else like me, do the things I thought I was too heavy to do, made me believe I could."  In 2011, Thaiese was offered a teaching position which she immediately accepted, hoping to one day inspire others the way she had been.  Thaiese loves to bring out the best in her students and encourages them to push towards the goals that seem impossible. Aside from pole fitness, Thaiese also loves to sew and can sometimes be found rocking her hand made pole gear at the studio.


Lauren discovered pole dancing in 2012 and has been hooked since her first class. She has always been passionate about fitness and health and has made a career of bettering the mental and physical wellness of others through her work. She holds a degree in microbiology from Colorado State University and has been the Director of Quality Assurance for a local pharmaceutical company since 2013. Lauren has a background in yoga and ballet, and is an accomplished equestrian. Some of her favorite things to do in the studio include partner balancing, acrobatics and doubles pole. Lauren appreciates many styles of music and dance and is inspired by the endless creations that the fusion of the two can create. Lauren loves her family, traveling, eating, snuggling with animals, reading a good book and making things with her hands.



Kat minored in Dance at Portland State University, studying modern dance, improvisation, hip-hop, and ballet. She began training as an aerialist on silks with NightFlight in 2011 and through this medium she eventually made her way to pole, which would become her favorite apparatus. Kat competed at the 2014 Pacific Northwest Pole Art Championships, where she placed 1st with her team in the group/doubles division, and placed 3rd in the Level 4 Drama division with a solo routine. She is a graduate of the elevatED pole teacher training taught by Marlo Fisken and has been teaching private and group pole dance classes since 2015. Kat has a passion for teaching and loves watching her students succeed! Outside of teaching, this mother of twins can be found enjoying a cup of coffee in the sunshine or spending time with her babies, husband and sweet dog Ruby.


Joshua began training in gymnastics as a youngster, winning several gold medals and 1st place All-Around in his division. In his late teens he discovered his passion for dance, joined several dance troupes and began to perform in ballets such as the Nutcracker. Guided by his natural kinesthetic intelligence and an innate love for the stage, he studied dance and theater at Humboldt State University and later at the prestigious Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. He received a BFA in Performing Arts despite developing an illness that drastically impaired his physical abilities during his senior year. After years of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment he was able to fully recover and went on to discover pole in 2014. With his previous aerial acrobatics experience, he took to the pole like a fish to water. He was the 2016 Pacific Pole Championship Bronze Medalist and 2016 PSO Men's National Silver Medalist. He is honored to be teaching and training at the AERO space, where he can share his talents, skill and experience with other pole enthusiasts and competitors.



Coco began pole dancing in Philadelphia in 2012 after being sidelined from semi-professional modern dance due to knee injuries. What she thought would be a fun, one time event ended up growing into a passion that has led her to bigger and better challenges year after year. The part of pole dance that has kept Coco especially inspired is how it helps people uncover their inherent physical and mental power as they build their strength and confidence in the studio. She has participated in three Pole Sport Organization competitions, most notably winning first in the Level IV Senior division at the Atlantic Pole Championships in 2015. She has taught at studios in Philadelphia, PA and Medford, OR, and is over the moon to be teaching at The AERO Space. When she's not dancing, she is a full time registered nurse. She enjoys spending time with her husband and cats, and is passionate about spending time with friends exploring her (relatively) new home of Portland.


Christie spent 11 years of her childhood doing gymnastics and cheering and she ventured into the pole world in December 2009 when her college professor couldn't stop talking about the pole class she had taken over the weekend. It was love at first spin and before she knew it she was regularly attending pole and aerial classes and began teaching in 2012.  She has developed 'acro pole' and spin pole programs for the studios she worked with in Orlando and Chicago and she jumped at the chance to enter the Portland pole community in 2016 in a doubles workshop. Currently she is the General Manager of iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Tigard because she just loves being in the air. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing the 'aha!' moment when a student masters a trick that was once a nemesis. She loves getting people outside of their comfort zones and reaching goals they never knew they had within them.  With both pole and indoor skydiving, it's obvious that Christie prefers to stay off the ground as much as possible!