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Taster  60 min $18 (BEGINNER) 

prerequisite: none

If you have never tried pole dancing before and are curious to experience what it’s all about but aren't able to commit to a series, this is the class for you! This fun one hour class introduces students to a variety of the basic movements of pole dance, including dance steps, strength building poses and spins. You might even get to try climbing or sitting on the pole! This class provides a sampling of what our beginner pole classes have to offer.

Intro to Pole 4 Weeks/60 min $70 (BEGINNER)

prerequisite: none

This 4-week course introduces students brand new to pole to the fundamental movements of pole dance. Basic spins, dance steps, floorwork and beginning level tricks will be covered as you learn to dance around, with and away from the pole. Build body awareness, strength and stamina all while having fun in a playful environment. (ie: fireman, back hook, dip spin, strong hold fan, sit)

Level I 6 Weeks/90 min $150 (BEGINNER)

prerequisite: Intro to Pole recommended but not required

Level I is for students who have never poled before or for those who have completed an Intro to Pole class. Learn to spin, climb, dance and execute basic poses at a comfortable height as well as invert on the ground.  Gain strength and grace as you build a solid foundation for your pole work in this thorough 6 week series. (ie: beginner spins, basic climb, sit, forearm headstand, split grip, strong hold straddle)

Level II 6 Weeks/90 min $170 (INTERMEDIATE)

prerequisite: Level I or instructor permission (climb, forearm headstand, strong hold straddle)

Level II utilizes the strength you have gained to take you upside down! Learn how to properly and safely invert on the pole before moving into your first inverted tricks and transitions. Intermediate level spins are introduced and short floor combinations are taught so they may be incorporated into your freestyle or choreographed pieces. (ie: basic inversion, handstands, inside/outside leg hangs, anchor, pull-ups & laybacks)

Level III 6 Weeks/90 min $170 (INTERMEDIATE)

prerequisite: Level II or instructor permission (basic inversion, handstands, pull-ups and laybacks)

Level III continues to build strength and body awareness by adding new aerial poses, tricks, and inverted postures to the dancers’ repertoire. Short aerial combinations and transitions are taught to help you learn how to transition from one move to the next fluidly, either upside down or right side up, on the floor or in the air.  (ie: shoulder dismount/mount, hip hold, brass monkey, butterfly, cupid, corkscrew spin, figure skater spin, aerial invert)

Level IV 6 Weeks/90 min Class $190 (ADVANCED)

prerequisite: Level III or instructor permission (shoulder mount/dismount, pull-ups/laybacks, inside and outside leg hangs)

Level IV polishes the tricks and transitions you've learned in the previous levels while adding more difficult postures and sequences to your movement vocabulary. Learn multiple ways to enter and exit both new and familiar poses to be able to create your own pole combinations.  An above average level of strength and flexibility is required for the advanced pole classes as you will begin to rely more on your upper body for postures and transitions. (ie: aerial figure skater, yogini, inverted elbow grip ayesha, caterpillar climb, superman, split grip, apprentice)

Level V 6 weeks/90 min $190 (ADVANCED)

prerequisite: Level IV or instructor permission (inverted elbow grip, aerial invert, split grip, caterpillar climb)

Level V poses and transitions often involve very few points of contact and you will begin executing inverted moves and transitions with only your hands contacting the pole. You will begin to develop the ability to go from upright to inverted (and vice versa) quickly and gracefully, with strength and control. An advanced level of strength and flexibility is required. (ie: handsprings, jade, allegra, chopsticks, flag, janeiro, dragon tail)

Level VI 6 weeks/90 min $200 (EXTREME)

prerequisite: Level V or instructor permission (at least one split, no-hands jade, flag, handsprings)

Level VI offers the highest level of pole instruction available. This class is designed for students who are ready to take their poling to the ultimate level of flying, flexibility and fearlessness with flips, drops, and contortive poses and transitions. This class is for students who have mastered the moves taught through Level V and are either looking to compete or perform, or who just love a challenge. (ie: fonji, spatchcock, tabletop flip, batwing, bird of paradise)

Freestyle & Flow 4 weeks/90 min $100 (LEVEL I & UP)

prerequisite: Level I or instructor permission

Refine your freestyle in this dynamic four week course designed to help you feel comfortable dancing without choreography or set sequences. Develop your musicality, strengthen your body awareness and discover your own personal style as you allow the music and your unique physicality to inspire your movements. Learn how to use the breath, tempo, physical dynamics, tension & release to express yourself through dance and movement. No prior dance experience necessary.

Combos (I or II) 4 weeks/90 min $125 (LEVEL II - IV)

prerequisite: Combos I students must have completed Level II; Combos II students must have completed Level IV

Drawing from the moves you already know, discover how to creatively enter & exit poses and tricks and combine them together into long, fluid aerial sequences. Learn how to smoothly and confidently transition from one shape to the next using the entire pole. A workable command of foundational moves through Level II is required before enrolling in the Combos I class (invert, pull-ups/releases, spins) and through Level IV for the Combos II class (aerial invert, anchor, inside/outside leg hang, shoulder mount/dismount, inverted thigh hold, hip hold).

Flips & Tricks 4 weeks/90 min $125 (LEVEL IV & UP)

prerequisite: Level IV

Learn to flip and fly through the air and on the pole in this fun & exciting series. With the right technique and training these daredevil tricks turn from something ‘scary’ to your new favorite moves. Using principles based in aerial, pole and gymnastics, learn how to use leverage, body weight and strength to execute these gravity defying moves. This class is for students who have mastered skills through Level IV and are looking for a new challenge.

Pole Doubles 4 weeks/90 min $125 (LEVEL III & UP)

prerequisite: climb, aerial invert, thigh hold

This 4 week progressive series focuses on developing partner communication and how to safely create beautiful shapes with a partner. You'll learn to control momentum on a spinning pole with a partner as well as how to execute signature tricks, doubles transitions and acrobatic poses. Don't have a doubles partner? No worries! Students without partners will be paired up. 

Floor Fundamentals 4 weeks/90 min $125 (ALL LEVELS)

prerequisite: some dance experience preferred, but not required

The floor becomes your primary apparatus as you learn how to create interesting level changes, shapes, and movements across the floor using more than just your feet. Alignment, points of contact and the principles and mechanics of weight transfer will all be explored as you develop the mobility, strength and proprioception to allow you to create your own style of low flow. Leave your shorts at home... lots of layers and knee pads are required for this slithery, sexy class! 

Poleography 4 weeks/90 min $100 (All LEVELS)

prerequisite: none

A choreography class designed to teach you basic dance fundamentals and technique to create a new physical vocabulary on and off the pole. Poleography combines multiple forms of dance such as hip-hop, ballet, and jazz with pole work so you can orbit around the pole with a new sense of flow and fierceness. Whether you're a pole veteran or a fresh faced pole enthusiast, this class will teach you to move in new and unique ways.

Open Studio Drop in/90 min Free* (ALL LEVELS)

prerequisite: none

Use this open studio time to practice whatever you're working on. Open Studio time slots are supervised, but uninstructed. Open studio is open to absolutely everyone, though we do give preference to current students and members when the studio is busy. All levels welcome. *Open Studio is free to all currently enrolled students and members and to first-time visitors to our studio, otherwise pay only $5. 


We primarily offer series classes. Why? Because in our many years of teaching and dance experience, we have found that students are most likely to succeed in pole when they learn sequentially and systematically and develop a regular practice schedule. Pole is a highly specialized sport that requires consistency and methodology to safely train the body and to progress at a reasonable rate. 

We are also really into the community aspect of pole dance--it is one of the strongest, most supportive communities we've ever been a part of. Learning a new skill with the same people for 6 weeks builds camaraderie and a feeling of safety. Having the same teacher for 6 weeks allows you to receive concise, methodical training from someone who has watched your progress and knows where you are in your training and what you need to work on. Finally, committing to a weekly practice allows you to develop the strength, pain tolerance, and mental fortitude necessary to progress in pole.

That being said, you are always welcome to drop in to any class that isn't full. We know how schedules are. Please contact us first to request a drop in.